Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Inbox Is Burning

Diving back into the query game like:

But for realzies. It's terrifying. So much has changed, and yet, everything's the same. It's still a polite game of "hey, so, here's my baby... please don't punch it in the face" – only now, all the resources I used in 2013 (querytracker.net, agentquery.com, etc.) are horribly outdated. I feel like one of those ol' folks trying to get into the hip new lingo all the youngsters are reppin' 'round tha' block.

I'm turning 26 this August. THE PLIABLE RUSE is only the second novel I've attempted to sell. I know I shouldn't be panicking, but o lawd it's a scary time to be agent hunting.

To be fair, I did this to myself. I dove into the grown-up author game as a YA/NA sci-fi writer, and over the past three years, my lovely agent Kimberley has been nothing but supportive. This new project wasn't up her alley, though, and I knew there'd be risks diving into the steamy, wonderful world of adult gaslamp fantasies. Alas, the story of Sterling Hawtrey had to be told, and with six or so half-finished YA dabbles sitting on my desktop, I took the plunge and finished what I needed to finish.

I'm proud of my new work, proud of my old work, and proud to still be repped by the fantastic Ms. Cameron. So, that said, it's into the fire I cannonball, determined to resurface with a new agent for my new venture.

Send pizza.

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