Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Year in the Life

Yeah, no. I'm still here. Let's play catch-up.

IN 2015 I

in order of appearance

  • Enjoyed year two of continued success at grown-up job
  • Moved**
  • Wrote ~50k words (Witch Doctor)
  • Abandoned ~50k words (Witch Doctor)**
  • Cried
  • Cut off my hair**
  • Vomited random ideas all over my computer
  • Abandoned all random idea**
  • Cried
  • Quit grown-up job to write grown-up books**
  • Moved
  • Wrote ~60k words (Spark)
  • Abandoned ~60k words (Spark)**
  • Cried
  • Cut off my hair
  • Wrote ~90k words (The Pliable Ruse)


That's all you missed. 2015 was chill.

Unrelated: I'm one chapter away from finishing Book Number Two.

Noteworthy: This will be the first book I've finished since Zhukov's Dogs and I am quietly losing my mind because of it.

Brace yourself, Internet. I'm back and ready to kick ass.

#sorrynotsorry. #unlessyournameiskimberleycameron #inwhichcase #kimberleyiamsorryittooksolongtogetmyshittogether <3 #ty4beingthebest <3

TL;DR - Me going into 2016:

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