Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Halfway There

Page 146 out of 269. Jesus Christ this is a long process and I feel like a literary masochist for loving it so much. I just finished taking a week off of work to focus on the revisions for ZHUKOV. In that time I finally managed to train my body not to totally reject coffee! Achievement unlocked! I also bought a papasan for my deck and it has more or less become ground zero for writing-mode. It's also excellent for napping.

Mommy's Fluffy Support Team

I got another full manuscript request today too. This one came from Vickie Motter, another agent I pitched to at the PNWA conference. I am all sorts of excited about her being interested in my story since she's definitely one of my ideal agents. She's huge on darker YA, steampunk and dystopian, which puts ZHUKOV right up her alley. And her blog, Navigating the Slush Pile, is full of great material for writers of all levels.

Still no word back on the fulls I've sent out to anyone other than Entangled. It's a good thing I love fishing, because boy does this waiting game wear on you.

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