Friday, July 6, 2012

2AM Rambles

The view.

Killing some time. Fighting off levels of exhaustion bordering on delusion. Pardon my French/grammar boo-boos/rambling mon amie.

Well yesterday was the 4th of July. Had a spectacular view of the big show over Lake Union. For what I'm paying in rent I deserved a good seat! On the topic of seats though, some jerk broke my couch. By some jerk I mean a friend who's just an idiot I let drink too much. Poor couch. Thank goodness I wasn't quite sober enough to get as mad as I should have been. Loved that couch though. Polar bears weren't too happy with the fireworks. It was sad watching them bounce and do laps all night. For the record, you can totally give Benedryl to dogs. It's 1 milligram per pound, so an 80 pound dog gets 80 milligrams...assuming that after you force it down his throat in a ball of cream cheese he doesn't throw it back up. Too panicked to even keep a hot dog down, poor pups.

And, I'm going to just throw this out there, I thought Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was an amazing film. It's one of those ones I'm actually going to buy when it comes out on DVD. Magic Mike, however, can be one of those things I'll say I saw but never ever allow myself to spend another dime on.

Oh! And I saw a guy juggling a chainsaw today. Just going to leave on that note.

Au Revoir.

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