Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chasing The Sun

That's what it feels like some days. And now there's this new song by The Wanted which just makes me want to run a few hundred miles or do something of equal intensity. Like edit 81k words. Not quite as much of an adrenaline rush to be had there, though it is almost as exhausting.

With less than a month to the summer conference it's crunch time. This is my fourth round of going through the manuscript with a fine tooth comb and I'm trying new editing techniques this time around. I'm even managing to get some work done while I'm at work thanks to my handy-dandy Kindle. I've found looking at something other than a computer monitor, even if it is just another screen (tablet, Kindle, etc.) I notice all sorts of things I wouldn't if I was just sitting at my desk. Give it a try! Even your phone has programs you can export documents to!

Now here's something I've been seriously considering. Even though I feel completely confident in my work I'm still worried there might be things I'm missing. Having a writers group has helped tons but since none of us are published yet I wonder if I shouldn't seek professional help. Hiring an editor has been an option in the back of my mind for a while now and after a talk with Jason Black, check out his blog: http://www.plottopunctuation.com/, I think I'm going to do it. Hiring an editor is expensive. I'm looking at right around a grand with the word count I have and that's only for a developmental edit. More on the different kinds of edits later.

My point with this post is that when it's crunch time, when you've almost reached the sun, explore your editing options. There's only so much you can pick up on at your computer. Get out. Go to a park with your e-reader. If that's too adventurous just grab a pen, print off some pages, and sprawl out on your sofa. I guarantee it will read totally different. Find a writers group. If that's too much to ask, there are plenty of online peer-editing groups which are totally free and offer concrete feedback. And if you're like me and just plain exhausted after exploring other options extensively, consider hiring a professional editor.

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